General Questions

Founded by the American Sunday School Union and governed by a Board of Directors, Camp Salvation has been hosting camps for youth since 1952. Today, the Board is made up of delegates who represent a co-op of like-minded churches, who all play a significant part of this unique camp. Through generous donations, dedicated volunteerism, and constant support, we have had the privilege of offering campers a great camping experience for less than $100 per camper. These campers have been touched by the hand of God at camp, in their churches, and have gone to serve Him in their hometowns and all over the world. Our goal at camp is to create a safe environment where campers feel loved and accepted, and where it is easy to hear God speaking to them.

Camp Salvation takes special care to continue to keep camps affordable. Cost differs for each age group. Elementary camps are $85, Junior High camps are $90, and High School camps are $95. Any registration mailed before May 15th can take $10 off of the normal registration cost. If you are in need of

Our goal at camp is to create a safe environment where campers and staff feel loved and accepted, this includes food that is safe for them. Because we operate with a volunteer staff, we are only able to accommodate special meals for dietary restrictions and allergies. Our space is limited and we ask that you do not bring food to camp unless it is a medical necessity. Please contact registration staff to be sure that we have the information we need to provide meals for you or your camper.

There is a convenient checklist included in each registration. Here are the big items: your Bible, a sleeping bag, heavy blanket, pillow, a fitted twin sized sheet, personal hygiene items , clothes that meet dress code, jackets, shoes, and hiking shoes. Campers are welcome to bring musical instruments, recreation items, or even crafting items if they would like!

Yes, our dress code goal is modesty. The dress code at Camp is the same for everyone so that we are not a distraction to each other. No sleeveless shirts and all shorts need to be close to the knee.

Camp Salvation has zero toleration for drugs, tobacco, or alcohol. Please leave any “noise” that keeps you from hearing God at Camp, for example: non-Christian music, headphones, and video games. Please leave valuables and weapons at home, this includes pocket knives. The only reason a camper should bring food with them is for medical necessity. This exception should be discussed with Camp Staff prior to registration.

We start each day by encouraging time alone with Christ. We enjoy time in the morning and evening, worshiping together and being taught from the Word of God. Morning and afternoon recreation times give campers the opportunity to compete as they get to know each other. Meals serve as a time for everyone at camp to be together and also help to orient the schedule to be back on track. You can see a more detailed schedule here.

During the summer months, Camp Salvation can see highs in the 80s and lows in the 50s. However, temperatures can drop in the mountains and we have experienced several nights in the 40s! You can often expect rain showers in the afternoons.

Located in the heart of the Rockies, Camp Salvation is surrounded by the beautiful Sangre de Cristo mountains and the wildlife that calls it home. While we do see the occasional bear or evidence of, bears are not prevalent at camp. We take many precautions to ensure that we are not attracting unwanted wildlife. This includes diligent trash removal, thorough cleaning, and encouraging everyone at camp to help keep our grounds clean.

As a licensed childcare provider, Camp Salvation is required to collect specific information. This is viewed and used solely by registration and medical staff to provide what is necessary for campers health and safety. Please contact us with questions or concerns.

It is the heart of Camp Salvation that any child who hopes to come to camp is able to. We encourage families to reach out to their home church first, as these are the people in your daily life and are there to support campers afterwards. But we do have scholarships available thanks to several gracious donors. Please contact us for more information.

Yes! We have flyers and a short video that you are welcome to share with anyone. Thank you for your support.
Flyers and Video.

For Parents and Campers

Everyday, campers will have the opportunity to grab a snack or peruse the items available. You can expect to find your favorite soda or candy along with other snacks and drinks. There are a few toiletry items, if you’ve forgotten yours. We also have t-shirts, hoodies, and other fun things for you to take home and show your Camp Salvation love year-round!

Candy and soda prices are around a dollar. Other things found in the gift shop range between $1-$30, depending on the item. Campers can put their money in the store “bank” for safekeeping and a tally will be kept of each purchase through the week. At the end, any money left will be sent home with the camper.

While at camp we ask that campers do what they can to avoid the “noise” that can so easily distract us at home. However, we realize all of the ways phones can be used: Bible apps, a camera, alarm clock, checking-in with family, and other good things. We ask that campers be responsible and choose not to be distracted by their phones. If needing to call home, we ask that campers let their counselor know they will be making a phone call. If you choose to not leave your camper with a phone, that is great! And we have a phone available for them to use as needed.

For Staff

Because we are a licensed child care provider, we ask that you do not bring pets. If there are any extenuating circumstances, please contact the director.

Everyone at camp must have legal documentation to be there, this includes the health record. This requirement is part of the regulations we are bound to as a licensed childcare provider. We ask that you help us stay in compliance and good standing. Please review the staff application page to find the application that best fits your situation. Anyone over 16 needs to complete a staff application, the initial application is for all first time staff and the annual is for returning staff. Any family member who will be coming with you who is under 16 but not of camper age for the week attending will need to be registered as a staff kid. If you have questions, please contact the registration staff.

Yes! This is a requirement for everyone at camp, per our regulations as a licensed childcare provider. If you have questions, please reach out to the registration staff.

Still have questions? Visit our contact page!